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Ascend Gives Back GivesBack

What is Ascend Gives Back?

Launched summer 2021 is our program “Ascend Gives Back”, in which we reach out to small businesses within our communities, offering them free press to boost their company awareness and sales.

Helping others is something we hold close to our hearts and want to always keep as the core value within our company.

What We Do.

Media Placement

We have the formula to increase your visibility so your audience comes to you.


Social Media Management

Gain visibility on all your platforms and enjoy the following that comes with it.


Reputation Management

When it comes to your image, we leave nothing to chance.

Men's Journal
USA Today Network
Men's Health
Modern Luxury
Muscle & Fitness
OK Magazine
The Arena Group
Tribune Publishing
a360 Media

Ascend Publishing Group Publishing group

About APG.

Your gateway to influential online magazines and publications.

Dive into the Ascend Publishing Group, a curated collection of online magazines and publications that cater to diverse audiences and niches.

APG isn’t just about news; it’s about narratives that matter.

From the bustling streets of Miami to the influential circles of the rich and famous, our publications ensure your story finds its rightful place. With APG, you’re featured and celebrated.

Our Publications.

Ascend Content Creation CT

Crafting Content that Resonates.

Content is more than just words and visuals; it’s an experience. At Ascend Content Create, we design content that not only informs but also engages and inspires. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, a brand feature, or a press release, we create content that’s tailored to your brand’s voice and ethos.

Tailored Content

Customized content strategies that align with your brand's identity.

Multimedia Mastery

From text to video, we've got all content formats covered.

Trend Up

Engagement Focused

Content that doesn't just attract but also retains and engages.

Ascend Government Division

Partnering with Governments for Impactful Communication.

In an era where information is abundant, it’s crucial that the right message reaches the right audience, especially in government communications. The Ascend Government Division is dedicated to this mission.

We collaborate with government bodies, amplifying vital news and updates for maximum reach and clarity. Our strategies focus not just on dissemination but also on engagement.

We understand the urgent and delicate nature of government communication, the importance of transparency, and the need for clarity. With Ascend, government bodies can trust that their messages lead to informed and empowered citizens.

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