We have the formula to increase your visibility so your audience comes to you.

Social Media Management

Gain visibility on all your platforms and enjoy the following that comes with it.

Reputation Management

When it comes to your image, we leave nothing to chance.

We love what we do

Build your brand. Tell your story.

Ascend is a marketing firm that focuses on publishing articles to build your brand and tell your story. It starts with a conversation, a message, and ends with results.

trusted by top PUBLISHERS

Build your brand. Tell your story.

“This is a higher calling with immense benefits. In 2022, it is unlikely that there would be any successful PR campaign without a social impact plan or angle.”


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JOnathan jadali

Chief executive officer

George nellist

Chief revenue officer




Chief marketing officer

evan arroyo

regional sales manager

lydia haug

public relations manager

Arash Derakhshan

operations administrator


Strategic Adviser

Nadia Faridnia

Operations administrator

Derreck Pickard

Public Relations Assistant

Tammy Nguyen

Public Relations Assistant

Victoria bagford

sales representative

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Focus Features









Showcase yourself or your brand / companies work.

We help you show the world what you've been working on or who you exactly are.

Increase your brand authority

Having your name out there in multiple publications helps create a doubtless authority for your brand. Increase the meaning that comes with your name.

Boost your rankings within search engines

Increase the flow of traffic to your brand by increasing your brand's visibility within the Google search engine. Having your name at the top of the search results helps get your name out there.

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Brand awareness and publishing


What they say

"I had been searching for a long time for an agency with the capabilities of Ascend and when I was fortunate to find them, it was pure gold! I couldn’t be more pleased with every facet of this relationship. From creative, to turn around time, to account management, George Nellist and his team have delivered time and time again. Thank you!"

Todd Camhe

BLUEbear protection

"Ascend Agency has alawys helped our organisation any way possible whether it comes to marketing or public relations they can do it all."

LOuisa rocque

american foundation for suicide protection

"George at Ascend Agency is professional, punctual, and extremely competent. He delivered us unique results unmatched by any other firm. We look forward to being kind standing clients."

nick tennant

precision extraction

"After working with Ascend for a few months now I can happily say they are ahead of their game when it comes to public relations and marketing"

derek warburton

Media Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Style Icon.

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Build your brand. Tell your story.





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